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Johannie van As

Copywriter & content maker

Freelance copywriter specialising in web and social media content, corporate films and branding.

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Clickatell article

Why you need to secure your cloud service with two factor ...

How SMS 2FA helps to strengthen cloud security.

3028440 poster p 1 from freaks and geeks to hbos silicon valley how martin starr became a geek god article

5 Lessons software developers can learn from HBO's Silicon Valley |

Tips on building your first app and running your a start-up company. Image: Via Fastcompany

Whybestmarketersusesms article

9 Reasons why the best marketers use SMS marketing |

Here are 9 irresistible reasons to integrate SMS marketing into your next marketing campaign.

Mad men article

What your marketing campaign can learn from Mad Men ...

Lessons for marketers from the award-winning show.